Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Healthy Lunch in Korimako Today

Today our tamariki went to enjoy their healthy lunches in the Korimako hub.

The year 5/6 tamariki in Miss Burtenshaw's home group did a fantastic job of making and delivering the kai.

Our Pukeko tamariki loved it!

Learning Algebra in Pukeko

Our tamariki have been learning pre-algebra in maths for the last couple of weeks.

Today, the Pukeko Matheson maths group shared their patterns with the Pukeko Kidd maths group, and challenged them to complete them.

Sharing Letters with the Pukeko Nest

Our tamariki recently completed a writing activity to teach our tamariki in the Pukeko Nest about how to stay safe. They wrote letters to the Nest tamariki, and read them to them.